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Video lottery terminals are the most advanced gaming system on today's market bringing more games and entertainment to customers. Each SYNOT VLT terminal is connected to the central lottery system which completely controls the course of the game and ensures maximum security and transparency of all data. Using a touch screen of the high-quality dual monitor cabinet, a customer can choose from a range of quality games. Each player has the chance to win several jackpots cumulated from all the terminals distributed in the Czech Republic. One of the main advantages of video lottery terminals is their connection to the headquarters located at SYNOT W, a.s. premises by means of modern telecommunication media, which allows adding or updating games installed on individual terminals almost any time and without any technical interventions.

The SYNOT VLT SYSTEM is a gaming system consisting of a central control unit, local control units and an unlimited number of connected interactive video lottery terminals. The central control unit manages all game processes. SYNOT VLT SYNOT also has a wide compendium of games not only regularly updated but also with top graphics processing. For each type of SYNOT VLT, we offer you the option of downloading the game plan for your selected game.


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Diamond Spin Magic Star Deluxe Temple Quest Extreme Victorian Wilds
Diamond Spin - IVT3 Magic Star Deluxe - IVT2 Temple Quest Extreme - IVT4 Victorian Wilds - IVT1


Danger Diamond Lost City Really Wild Warrior's Fortune
Danger Diamond - IVT6 Lost City - IVT5 Really Wild Warrior´s Fortune - IVT6


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