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Easy & free registration 
Free membership 
Membership with no obligations 
Customer support 
Lozalty bonuses 
Monthly bonuses 
Additional bonuses 
Individual bonuses 
Refreshments for members 
Text message info 
Opportunity to participate in competitions


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General rules


Membership in SPORTGAMES CLUB 

To be a member of the SPORTGAMES CLUB is simple; you just have to be over 18 y.o. and you have to agree with our General Regulations of the SPORTGAMES program. Member of the club can not become a legal entity. Membership of the program SPORTGAMES CLUB is free. Entitled to full membership of the SPORTGAMES CLUB program has everyone who duly completed application form of the SPORTGAMES CLUB and agrees with our General Regulations. After your application is duly completed, you will get the card and you will become a SPORTGAMES CLUB member. To each member may only be issued one SPORTGAMES CLUB card. The card is non-transferable and can not therefore pass, borrow, or steal to donate - to third party. Our staff has the right to check "authenticity" of the card. In case you lose your membership card, you can apply for a spare card at the same SPORTGAMES branch as you obtained membership. Upon presentation of ID card will be the previously obtained bonuses transferred to the new card.

Your membership of the SPORTGAMES CLUB may terminate for these reasons: 

You may terminate your membership at any time by giving us at least 15 working days' prior notice.
You, a member of the program didn’t gain any pointson your card during the six months.
You, a member of the program intentionally stated incorrect information in the application.
You, a member of the program exploited the provided benefits or has committed acts contrary to the general rules established by us or in conflict with the law on games and behavior.
We reserves the right to refuse membership or cancel it without giving any reason.
Or cancellation of the club by us.

The rules for bonuses 

Program members are rewarded according to the amount of bonuses that accrue on their cards. These bonuses are loaded during active gaming by players in the premises on gaming facilities located in the premises and it‘s automatically when passing the card terminal or manually by the staff. Additional bonuses can’t be credited, fe. when a member forgot to take with him his card. Decision on fulfillment the conditions and crediting the bonuses is on the staff of the branch and there is no legal entitlement in case of refusing bonuses. Bonuses can be loaded no less than every 24 hours. Our staff is entitled to check identity before loading the bonuses. We can refuse to load bonuses if failure to prove it.

Conditions and obtaining the amount of bonuses 

Welcome bonus - if register in the program SPORTGAMES CLUB (50 bonuses)
Bonus for your every fifth visit (50 bonuses)
Bonus Birthday (100 bonus)
Bonus for your name-day based on Czech calendar only (50 bonuses)
Every 50 visit (500 bonus)
Text message – we may send you a message from time to time with the date and place of the event, when you will stop by at the right time, at the right place, you won’t miss out on your reward
Other events run within SPORTGAMES CLUB program for loyalty customers

Protection of personal data  

By signing the application form you agree that SPORTGAMES processed in accordance with Act No.101/2000 Sb., On the protection of personal data, personal data in the application database.
To be a member of the SPORTGAMES CLUB program you have to be over 18 years old. From SPORTGAMES CLUB program are excluded employees and their family members. Consent to the processing of personal data shall be granted for an indefinite period, until further notice of this agreement, or until termination SPORTGAMES CLUB. Consent may be withdrawn at any time by written notice and we will destroy your personal data immediately. As each member of SPORTGAMES CLUB program, in case of changes in your personal data, such a firstname or surname, you are required to update these personal information at the branch SPORTGAMES.

Final Provisions 

All rewards within the club are not legally enforceable.
SPORTGAMES reserves the right, if necessary, to modify the general rules of SPORTGAMES CLUB program, especially conversion and point coefficients. Program members will be informed about these changes at SPORTGAMES branches.
SPORTGAMES reserves the right in justified cases to shut down SPORTGAMES CLUB program. SPORTGAMES CLUB end date will be announced at branches SPORTGAMES. For bonuses collected to the date of completion of the program will be provided matching bonuses SPORTGAMES according to applicable rates.
SPORTGAMES CLUB has no legal entity.
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